Plakoti Village

Forty houses and apartments ranging in size from  40-125 m²  with sea views, built in a classic Mediterranean style.

Plakoti Village is situated in a superb location among olive groves, rivers, and gorges and boasts panoramic sea views. So whenever the tranquil blue sea calls out to you, it’s just a short 3-kilometer stroll down the lane through the olive trees where the long sandy beach awaits you……



Much thought and consideration have been devoted to the architectural planning of Plakoti Village, with the traditional Cretan village being used as a prototype. The houses have modern, efficiently equipped interiors combined with simple Cretan comfort, and offer privacy and peacefulness. The design of the village allows you to retain your privacy completely while at the same time giving you the opportunity to socialise whenever you chose to do so. The village also has a magnificent 200m² swimming pool spread over two levels, with orange and lemon trees providing natural shade and a sense of freshness and continuity.

Technical Specifications

•    Shower corner with tiles /shower cabinet.
•    One shower tap (hot and cold water mixer) and. showerhead.
•    One washbasin.
•    One washbasin tap (hot and cold water mixer).
•    One porcelain toilet unit – cantilever type.
•    One porcelain toilet cistern unit.
•    One soap stand.
•    One toilet paper stand of galvanized steel.
•    Washing machine (one washing machine per house).
•    Mirror with light and cupboard unit.
•    Color plastered walls.
•    Tiles on the floors and walls.
•    Floor drainage with the necessary floor inclination.

Common Area  
•    The common area around the pool and paths are made of earth-coloured polished concrete and lawn according to the drawings.  
•    The road and parking areas will have an asphalt surface.

•    Air-conditioning units will be installed in each bedroom.

Doorbell, Telephone, and Television
•    All units have a doorbell.
•    Telephone jacks in bedrooms and living room (ISDN).
•    All houses will have the necessary built-in cable networks to receive a TV antenna.
•    TV and satellite equipment and usage are included (Nova Value Pack).

Electrical installations
•    All the houses will be ready to be connected to the Hellenic Public Electricity Corporation (ΔΕΗ) network. The electric supply meter of each house will be installed according to the instructions of the Public Electricity Corporation.
•    A fuse box with automatic fuses.
•    Separate fuses for the oven, water heater, and floor heating.
•    Light points and sockets will be installed as follows:

      Living room:
•    1 double socket for the TV.
•    1 TV/SAT antenna outlet.
1 telephone (ISDN) socket.
•    2 double sockets near the sofas.
•    2 ceiling light outlets with corresponding two-way switch.       Halls- corridors or staircases:
•    1 ceiling light outlet with a corresponding two-way switch in halls, long corridors, and staircases.    
•    Independent supply line with a separate fuse (25A) in the fuse box for the cooker.
•    1 el. socket for the fridge and freezer.
•    1 el. socket for the dishwasher.
•    1 el. point for the kitchen extractor fan.
•    2 double waterproof el. sockets above the kitchen worktop, at two different points, in the kitchen walls.
•    1 light outlet under the overhead cupboards.
•    1 ceiling light outlet with the corresponding switch.     

Bedrooms :
•    1 ceiling lamp outlet with corresponding switches.
•    1 double el. socket were the TV should be.
•    1 TV/SAT antenna outlet.
•    1 telephone (ISDN) socket (only in the main bedroom).
•    2 el. Sockets - one on each side of the bed (single bed bedroom will have one double el. Socket).

•    1 ceiling light outlet with the corresponding switch.
•    1 light outlet above the mirror with the corresponding switch.
•    1 el. socket next to the bathroom door.

Exterior: (Main entrances, patios, terraces,
  roof  terraces):    
•    1 light outlet with the corresponding switch above the main entrance.
•    1 light outlet with the corresponding switch above every balcony door.
•    1 el. waterproof socket on patio, terrace, and balcony.

•    Concrete fences and walls will be done according to the architectural drawings.

•    Internal floors will have ceramic tiles.

•    The houses will be fully furnished.

•    The guarantee for the structural elements of the building is according to Greek law. Guarantee for the decorative materials and non-structural elements is one year.
•    An electrical underfloor heating system in the bathroom, living room and kitchen area.

Hot Water
•    Hot water supply in the shower, bath, bathroom washbasin and the kitchen sink by an electrical water heater.

Kitchen will be delivered with:
•    Sink with drainage area.
•    Chromium mixing tap (hot and cold water).
•    Kitchen worktop 60cm wide (length according to architectural drawings).
•    Cupboards under the worktop.
•    Overhead cupboards above the worktop.
•    At least four drawers under the worktop.
•    Porcelain tiles between the worktop and overhead cupboards.
•    Cooker top.
•    Stove.
•    Built-in fridge and freezer.
•    Built-in dishwasher.
•    Electrical kitchen extractor fan.

•    Internal walls and ceilings will be painted with acrylic paint, off white colour.
•    Outside painting according to the drawings.

Parking areas
•    There will be common parking areas according to the drawings.
•    Outside patio areas will have ceramic tiles.

•    Pergola made of wood will be delivered according to the drawings. Additional pergolas are optional.

Private gardens
•    The private gardens will be worked up according to the drawings.
•    An automatic watering system is optional.
•    The houses will be surrounded by low concrete walls.
•    Maintenance is included in the monthly fee.

Sewage network
A complete wastewater network will be assembled within the development. All the houses will be connected to a central sewage network. The waste will be directed to underground septic tanks around the project.

Storage room
•    Some of the houses have a storage room inside, according to the drawings.

Swimming pool
•    Common swimming pools about 200 m2.
•    Maintenance is included in the monthly fee.

•    There will be one ventilation vent in each room.

•    Exterior walls: Thermo block material.
•    Interior walls: single layer of clay bricks.
•    Plastering in three layers.

•    In each bedroom, there will be wardrobe cabinets according to the drawings.

Water network
•    The development will be ready to be connected to the municipal water network. In each house, water will be supplied to:
•    Kitchen: sink and dishwasher.
•    Bathrooms: washbasin, shower tub, washing machine.
•    Exterior water supply: at least one water supply with a tap will be installed in every house.
•    If the installation of a water pressure pump is required, then the owners will cover its cost and installation.

Windows and doorframes           
•    Exterior doorframes and windows will be aluminium profiles (blue/green color).
•    Exterior windows in all bedrooms will have external shutters.
•    The main entrance door will be made of aluminium with a security lock.
•    Internal doors will be of pressed wood.   
•    Internal doors will have locks and aluminum handles.

Location and Area

Less than a 10 minute walk away is a supermarket and at a distance of just one km is the traditional Cretan village of Adele, on the road to the famous historical monastery of Arkadi. Agia Paraskevi, another picturesque village, at a 500m distance, hosts authentic Cretan tavernas. The city of Rethymnon, with its beautiful Venetian harbour and Fort, its old town with smart restaurants & its many shops are also close by.


Property NameSizePriceStatus
Plakoti Village Anatoli 1675 m2 € 170.000Available
Plakoti Village Disi 1788 m2 € 165.000Available
Anatoli 15125 m2 € 240.000Available
Apartment in Plakoti village40 m2 € 95.000Available

*All electrical appliances are included

*Lawyer's fee is not included

*Purchase expenses are not included in the selling price

*Common expenses are not included (63​ €/month)


Contact information

Kreta Eiendom SA
Arkadiou 1
74131 Rethymno

EOT-license 1041E60000079301

Business Hours

Monday: 09:00-17:00
Tuesday: 09:00-21:00
Wednesday: 09:00-17:00
Thursday: 09:00-21:00
Friday: 09:00-17:00
Saturday: 10:00-14:00

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