Administrative Services

Bill Payment Service
We arrange that all your bills are sent to our office in order to be paid in time. A monthly updated statement will be sent to you via e-mail, where you can follow all your bills (electricity, water, insurance, telephone etc) and payments.

The Service includes but is not limited to payment of:

  • electricity
  • telephone / Internet
  • water
  • common expenses
  • insurance (house / car)
  • tax declaration
  • taxes (property tax, income tax, car tax)

Statements will be sent to you regularly by e-mail in order for you to follow the

*For fines & other additional bills, extra administration fee is applied.

Energy certificate
The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is something that is needed for selling or renting out properties. We can help you with this procedure. The cost depends on the size of your home.

Transfer of utility bills
Whether you are selling or purchasing a property, we make sure all utility bills are correct and are being addressed to the owner to avoid wrong charges or power cuts.

We make insurance arrangements and follow-up with the most reputable insurance companies in Greece for your property and other assets, such as property contents, car insurance and health insurance. We can also assist you in damage liquidation procedures to make things easy for you.

Tax declaration
Kreta Eiendom collects and administrate all of the necessary forms for your declaration and deliver them to the tax authority. Based on many years of experience in the domain of financial administration, we offer to property owners the service of filing an annual tax declaration:

First time tax declaration
For new owners that have just bought their property in Greece. In coordination with your Lawyer in Greece, we gather the necessary documents for the first tax declaration.

Annual tax declaration
For owners that have property in Greece for more than one year, we arrange and send all the necessary paperwork in to the tax office for you.

You will be informed about any necessary tax payments. If you use our bill payment service, any tax payments will be charged and stated in your account.