Inspection Visit and Reports

Kreta Eiendom arranges regular inspections of your property’s interior and exterior, to ensure everything is in good condition and in good working order. After each inspection, we will e-mail you a report, including but not limited to, the date of inspection, comments with findings, and photographs. An inspection checklist will always be kept on the property. The checklist includes the date and name of the person who visited the property, their comments, and their signature. In case of any damage or issues, the property owner is informed immediately to organize any necessary repair works and insurance formalities. The inspections can be carried out at any time throughout the year.

Our standard check during the monthly inspection visit includes:

  • checking the interior and exterior of the house for visible losses and damages
  • fuse box and thermostats check
  • drains on terrace/balcony check
  • doors and windows check
  • fridge and cabinets check
  • water supply check
  • toilet flush check
  • airing the house

For all the owners who wish to rent out their property we offer annual technical inspection service which aim to help with minimizing problems to come up last minute and will maximize high rated reviews. Our annual technical inspection visit for rental homes includes:

  • yearly service for doors, windows and shutters (cleaning, oiling, adjustments, replacement accessories)
  • toilet flush, shower, (inside/outside) taps, bathroom and balcony siphon check
  • checking the interior and exterior of the house for visible losses and damages
  • fridge, oven, cabinets and washing machine/dishwasher check
  • check for humidity damage on the internal or external walls
  • garden-plants replacement/maintenance, cleaning
  • yearly water heater and solar panel service
  • fuse box, thermostats and sockets check
  • terrace/balcony drains check
  • indoor/outdoor lights check
  • outside area paint check
  • house inventory check
  • water supply check
  • key safe box check
  • yearly A/C service
  • airing the house
  • internet check

Special package prices are available for winter inspections (November-March). For our projects, the inspection costs are included in the monthly fee.