Digital Building ID

The Digital Building Identity of a Building / Property is defined as the file that contains all the details of the Building/Property with reference Code Number of the National Land Registry ( KAEK ) of the plot.

The goal of the Electronic Building Identity is the detailed recording of the current state of each building and its building permit/s,as well as the monitoring and control of its changes, during its lifetime.

With the acquisition of the Digital Identity, the property will be Fully Legal and will have all the possibilities of transfer, rent, etc.

With this procedure required by law, each owner has knowledge of the legality of his property as well as its energy classification and has a file with the plans of the property and knowledge of its structural adequacy. A certified engineer completes a special form which is kept in digital form.

The Digital Property Identity concerns all the buildings of the Greek territory as well as those that will be erected in the future. The obligation to issue a Digital Property ID also applies to buildings without a building permit.

It is necessary to obtain a digital identity at the time of transfer of a property since the relevant statement will be required to be attached to the contract.


  • Collection of required documents that vary in relation to the building/property.
  • Visit to the property for an autopsy by an authorized engineer.
  • Processing and Submission of the required documents in the electronic system of the TEE.
  • The Construction Inspection Certificate from the Building Service.

After completing the required studies and documents are issued the owner will receive the Certificate.

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