Golden VISA for Non-EU Citizens

Obtaining the Golden Visa is no longer a tedious task with the help of our legal team and skilled administrators. We will guide and help you through the process, and therefore getting your Golden Visa will be effortless and uncomplicated.

Here is some information and a description of the possibilities you will acquire when you obtain the Golden Visa:
The golden visa was introduced by the Greek State in order to facilitate the owners of properties in their movement in and out of Greece.
The Greek Golden Visa program is one of the most attractive and less costly in the EU.
It gives the possibility to acquire a residence permit in Greece, valid for all EC and Schengen Countries by owning a property (new ,resale) of minimum value 250.000 euro without including the contract expenses.

Beneficiaries of a residence permit for investment activity are:
(a) third-country citizens intending to invest in Greece, provided that their investment plan complies with the conditions set out in the legal framework.
(b) Family members of a third-country citizen who has been granted with residence permit.
(c) Third country citizens who are executives of companies involved in the implementation or operation of the described investment plan.
The duration of the residence permit for investment activity (for investors or executives) is five years and is renewed for an equal period of time each time, provided that the beneficiary retains his / her position (investor or executive) in relation to the investment and continues to operate her. For family members the residence permit expires at the same time as the residence permit of the sponsor.

1. Application ( to the local authority of the area where the property is )
2. If represented by an attorney, a POA ( in which the visa is mentioned , when it was issued and when it expires)
3. The contract (Minimal value 250.000 NOT INCLUDING EXPENSES) Mentioning that the price was paid out in full ( the money of the price need to be sent to GREECE and not to an account of the seller abroad!)
4. Registration certificate of the contract
5. Photocopy of Passport (full copy)
6. Original Passport ( to be produced by the client when present for the fingerprints)
7. Copy of Visa for entering Greece ( for some countries due to reciprocity agreements, there is no visa e.g. Israel)
8. 4 photos (Suitable for passport ) ( to be taken while in Greece preferably )
9. CD of photos
10. Fingerprints (even if the application is made be the attorney , the client will have to come to Greece for the fingerprints)
11. Insurance policy with a Greek insurance provider with proper coverage ( to be arranged by the attorney .The cost is aprx 400 per annum. It has to be renewed every year. If this is not done , then the Golden Visa will be annulled.
12. State fee of 2.000 euro
13. State fee of 16 euro

· After deposition of the application , if the client is not in Greece at the time , an appointment will be set for him/her to come for the fingerprints.
· The visa is not a sticker anymore , It is a card , so it can be picked up by the attorney.
· The duration is 5 years and it is renewed with a very simple process.

Rather than the obvious advantage of owning a property in the most beautiful country of the world the golden visa allows or beneficiaries free circulation in all EU and Schengen Countries.
With any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Kreta Eiendom Legal and Administrative Team

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