Property Services

Our Property Services Department has one goal – to make your stay in Crete memorable! We provide comprehensive and reliable services in all areas of service for homeowners and events for those who want that little extra. Our services are tailored, and we pride ourselves in being professional and taking care of every detail.

Property Management services covers virtually all your needs for assistance when buying and owning a property in Crete. Among our large range of services we offer the services of an interior design expert, who can help you to furnish and equip your new home. We also take care of maintenance and inspection of your property, and otherwise help you in every way to be able to feel worry-free on Crete. As a fully insured, registered company we have many years experience in the rapidly growing property development in Crete.

We are a tight-knit, friendly team with many years of experience of life on the island. Furthermore, we are a multi-national team and can help you out in many European languages.

“All this means we can provide you with a trustworthy, personal service that guarantees you less hassle and more time to enjoy your home in Crete.”