Our Company

Kreta Eiendom has been established in 2001 and for more than two decades we have helped hundreds of people to make their dream come true, owning a property in Crete. We have constructed more than 400 homes and mediated in sales of thousands more. Rapidly we have become the biggest and most solid real estate and Construction Company in Crete.

But our success is mostly because we do understand the will of a foreigner to Purchase a property but at the same time we know all the difficulties that come along with this. In addition over the years we have developed our services in such extend that our clients feel absolute security that our personnel can take care of every aspect of their property. No task is too big or too small for us and the quality of the results always speaks loud to support the beautiful outcome.

We follow the European Business model but with great respect towards the island, its people, the traditions and costumes so all our clients and their homes have been welcomed by the local society.

Our interest has always been to bring people together through our love for making houses and we have managed this through every single of our Developments located in amazing plots with excellent views of the sea and the mountains of this magnificent island.

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