Rental Opportunities

If you own a home in Crete, you now can increase your income by renting it out, while it is not in use by you or your family members. It can be easy and without bureaucratic nightmares or special business license. Kreta Eiendom is always here to help you with organising these and simplifying the process.

Not only you need to keep a well-maintained property, stocked with essential amenities, but you’ll need a marketing, sales and pricing strategy to generate profit. Communications with potential tenants can be tricky and time-consuming. Throughout the rental period, Kreta Eiendom can provide promotion advice, booking and payment management, key holding, etc. We are here to manage every aspect of the rental process from check-in to check-out. For these services, we hold a commission from the rent amount. We prepare customised rental management packages accordingly to your requirements.

The promotion and marketing of the property is key. Not only it is advertised on our website but also on other worldwide known platforms, to ensure best possible exposure. All bookings and reservations of your property come through us, and we give you a detailed list for your reference to keep you updated.