Buying Property in Greece

Over the past twenty years, Kreta Eiendom, has helped dozens of families and individuals successfully invest in properties in Crete. Our highly rated services and professional knowledge on every aspect of property acquisition has made us a reference in the international real estate sector, in Crete. We are able to assist you, as a Kreta Eiendom customer, with all your necessary paperwork and the legal process.

You need a representative lawyer to be assigned by a Power of Attorney; this will allow the Lawyer to sign any necessary papers in your absence, on your behalf. Every customer has the option to choose a Lawyer of his preference in Crete. However, we also provide a list of recommended Lawyers should you wish to hire one from our list.

In order to do this, we first need to collect information and documents from you. This includes (but is not limited to)

  • Copy of passports
  • A completed “Personal Particulars” form
  • G.D.P.R. consent

Power of Attorney
This document should be completed during your stay in Greece or, in case you are not here, can be sent by e-mail.  The process itself is simple and uncomplicated. It will need to be provided to your chosen Lawyer. During your absence from Greece, the Power of Attorney should be signed in the Greek Consulate of your country. This, among other benefits, provides the advantage of the document being issued in Greek. Therefore, no translation is necessary.

If you are in Crete, you can visit a local public notary with your Lawyer. If you are not in Crete or there is not enough time, you can choose either a Greek Consulate in your area or a local Public Notary Office. In this case, the Power of Attorney then needs to be certified. Your Lawyer will send you a draft copy of the Power of Attorney, which you will need to fill in with the name and details of your representative. Upon completion, these documents need to be signed and formalized at the Consulate or local Public Notary Office. Your Lawyer will: 

  • Obtain a Greek Tax Number (AFM) for you.
  • Open a Greek bank account in your name.
  • Check any encumbrances and litigations on the property.
  • Check all registered contracts relating to the property.
  • Make payments on your behalf through the above account.
  • Present the contract to the Notary Public Office.
  • Sign the final contract of acquisition on your behalf if necessary.

The draft contract for the Notary is prepared by the Lawyer and is issued and signed in Greek.

At Kreta Eiendom we recommend that our customers use a Power of Attorney, since that it is the easiest way to purchase a property in Greece.

“By hiring Kreta Eiendom, the legal process of buying a property will be much easier than you imagine. We do it all!”

Anthula Mumutzi
Lawyer, Kreta Eiendom