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        Kreta Eiendom offer a full range of cleaning services, whether you want a full package service or
        just one hours help. That’s why we design cleaning packages based on your cleaning preferences                                We treat every home we
        and budget. Letting our experienced cleaners take care of your home, creates more free time                                   clean the same way we
        for you to spend relaxing. Monthly, weekly, occasional or seasonal cleaning? It is up to you!                               would treat our own home
                                                                                                                                     - with care diligence and
        If you rent out your home when you are not using it yourself, we can take care of the cleaning                                      thoroughness.
        in-between and during your guests stay. When guests are paying to stay in your home, they
        expect it to be immaculate. A vacation rental cleaning is more in-depth than a typical house
        cleaning, and your housekeeper will need to provide a higher level of service. For example:

        •  Clean the linens that were used by previous guests
        •  Sanitise surfaces after previous guests check out
        •  Check that the next guest has sufficient quantities of toilet paper and cleaning products
        •  Keep an eye out for damage
        •  Check for missing items and take pictures of damage                                                                 House Cleaning hours:
        •  Test various items in the house to ensure working order                                                             Cleaning can take place between 08:00 – 17:00 every day except Sunday and public holidays*.
                                                                                                                               *Cleaning after 17:00 or on Sunday/holidays, upon owner’s special request, must be confirmed separately to see
                                                                                                                               if possible, and is charged 30% extra of the fixed price. For emergency cleaning, please contact us as soon as
         Service for full and half cleaning                                                  Full       Half                   possible in order to find an available cleaner (if possible).

         Airing of the house                                                                  X           X                                                                Cleaning Prices:
         Indoors: Dusting & polishing of surfaces                                             X           X                              Size Apartment/House/Villa                                       Price
         Indoors: Sweeping & mopping floors                                                   X           X                                       up to 60 m2                                           from 35€
         Indoors: Cleaning kitchen (counter tops, hob, sink, oven outside, kitchen            X           X                                       up to 85 m2                                           from 45€
         cabinets inside and out, fridge inside and out)                                                                                         up to 100 m2                                           from 55€
         Indoors: Cleaning the bathrooms (washbasin, bath/shower, mirror, dis-                X
         infect basin, washing machine outside)                                                                                                  up to 120 m2                                           from 65€
         Indoors: Cleaning the bathrooms (washbasin, bath/shower cabin,                       X           X                                      up to 150 m2                                           from 75€
         mirror, disinfect basin, bath cabinet-outside, washing machine outside)                                                                 up to 200 m2                                           from 90€
         Indoors: Cleaning windows from inside & Inside doors                                 X
         Indoors: Change Bed linen & towels - Make beds (Laundry is not                       X           X                                                                Laundry Prices:
         included)                                                                                                              White load up to 10kg - with ironing/per load                                          from 20 €
         Outdoors: Sweeping & mopping - Dusting outside furniture                             X                                 Colored load up to 10kg - with ironing/per load                                        from 20 €

         Outdoors: Sweeping outside area                                                                  X                     White load up to 10kg - without ironing                                                from 16 €
         Outdoors: Cleaning windows from the outside & outside doors                          X                                 Picking up & delivery of the laundry with house cleaning                                  Free
         Remove rubbish                                                                       X           X                     Picking up & delivery of the laundry without house cleaning                               10 €
         Cleaning of the wardrobes, carpets, furniture overlays, curtains, wood                                                *Ironing is only available for sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers
         stove, barbecue, construction material l, outside areas (except balconies/
         terraces which are included in the cleaning plan) and any extra that is                                               For “Opening Cleaning” and “Closing Cleaning for Winter” we are able to send individual offers
         not included in the standard list are of extra charge accordingly to our                                              upon request!
         written quote.

        We also offer cleaning during your guests stay to keep your house in tip top shape. Every home                         House Cleaning/Laundry orders:
        is different so to get a personalised cleaning program please contact us for a consultation.                           The clients are requested to send orders by e-mail at at least 1 week
                                                                                                                               before due date, including the following details: arrival/departure date and time, cleaning plan,
        Cancellation policy:                                                                                                   laundry order. Please ask for the “Cleaning Schedule Form”.
        Cancellation on the cleaning day is 50% of the confirmed full price (minimum fee:20€)                                  The “cleaning order” is valid only after confirmation from Kreta Eiendom.
        1)The cleaning products and materials are provided within the cleaning price
        2) Cleaning charge is per visit and cleaning plan
        10                                                                                                                                                                                                                             11
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