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 We provide a full and comprehensive gardening   Kreta Eiendom arrange regular inspections of
 service. We  visit the  property with  our   your property’s exterior and interior, to ensure
 professional  gardener(s)  to  study  the  garden   that everything is in good condition and in
 area and note individual needs. Afterwards, we   working order. We will inform you after each
 prepare an individually tailored program for your   inspection via e-mail with a report including
 property for the  whole year. We also provide   but not limited to, date of inspection, comments
 you with professional advice about suitable   with findings and photographs. An inspection
 plants according to the area, plants solutions,   checklist will reside within the property. The
 diseases and garden design, etc.  checklist includes the date and name of the
        person who visited the house, comments and
 Garden maintenance services:  signature. In case of any damage or problems,
 •  Monthly scheduled visits  the property owner is informed immediately in

 •  Cleaning  and  general  maintenance  of  the   order  to organise any  necessary  repair  works
        and insurance formalities. The inspections can
 garden  be made any time during the whole year.
 •  Attendance of the flower beds
 •  Irrigation system and water pressure check   Our standard Check During the Monthly

 during every visit  Inspection Visit Include:
 •  Pruning and fertilizing whenever necessary  •  Check of interior and exterior of the house
 •  Spraying for malicious bugs and diseases  for visible losses and damages

        •  Checking doors and windows
 Detailed services and work schedule are
 fully  described  within  the  individual  offer.   •  Airing the house
 Garden maintenance price depends on   •  Water supply check, wetting drains and use
 the  size  and  the  structure  of  the  garden.     of flusher in the toilet
 Price from 50€/month
        •  Check of drains on terrace/balcony
        •  Check fuse box and thermostats
 Do you need a Gardener only for one day or   •  Check the fridge and cabinets
 your lovely garden is under attack from bugs or
 larvae? Maybe you are thinking about planting         Price from 35€
 an orange or lemon tree? Contact us and we
 will arrange with one of our gardeners to come   Special package prices are available for winter
 by and help you with whatever garden needs   inspections (November-March). In our projects
        the inspection is included in the monthly fee. .
 you have.

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