The present Internet site “kretaeiendom.com” is the ownership of the Company Limited by the name “KRETA EIENDOMLIMITED COMMERCIAL TECHNICAL COMPANY” by the distinctive title “KRETA EIENDOM A.E.T.E.” having its headquarters in Rethymno Kriti on Arkadiou Street number 1 and is legally represented with Tax Number (A.Φ.Μ.) 999623455 Tax Office of Rethymno, telephone for communication 2831021430, electronic address www.kretaeiendom.com and e-mail post@kretaeiendom.com (from now on named as “the Company”)

The terms mentioned below and the condition were created so that the Company would be able to provide the visitors with information regarding the Company, the services provided and information regarding the various activities of it and in order that there can be communication with our Company through the present Internet site “kretaeiendom.com” (from noow on stated as “internetsite”)

We ask you to read carefully the following Terms of Use. Any other Terms and Conditions are definitely rejected.

    • The terms of use stated below are valid for the total of the content and, in general, for whatever is included on the pages of the Internet. Any other Terms of Use and conditions are entirely rejected.
    • Every visitor and user of the Site is considered to consent to and accept the present terms shown on the Internet page, without any exception. If any visitor or user does not agree to  those terms he must abstain from the use of this Internet Page.
    • The visitor or user of the site has studied and understood and absolutely accepted the following terms and understands that he is tied up by them on every visit of his on the site.
    • The Company maintains the right to change any of the terms and the conditions of use without any notice. Thus the visitor or the user of the services of the site must check every time to identify any possible changes that have been inserted and as long as he continues his visit to and service on the site, it is understood that he accepts any change that has been effected. In case he disagrees he must abstain from the visit and use of the site.
    • On each case the present page must always mention the current terms and condition for the use of the present site.


    • The Company undertakes any steps necessary so that the information on the site and the total of the contents of the site are maintained with the highest accuracy, clarity completeness, and in general correctness.
    • The site is used as it is without any possibility of effecting changes or amendments on it or any other interference on the part of the visitor or user.
    • In any case our site and its users as well as anyone else who is added to them or derives any right from them have no responsibility, even including the question of negligence, for any damage that may be caused to the visitor or user because of the use of this net.
    • Especially the Company bears no responsibility for any possible technical problems that may appear to the users who are trying to have access to the net site and during this period they are related to the function or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the internet site.
    • The Company is not responsible towards the visitors or the users of the site for the accuracy of the description of the place of real estate or for any change of its elements.
    • The Company is not liable to visitors or users for any real or legal defect or for lack of the agreed properties of the indicated property, since the respective owner remains solely responsible.
    • The Company is not responsible towards the visitors or the users for any kind of damage (direct or indirect, positive or not) that the visitor could possibly have or the user from the use or the lack of use which he uses upon his own decision and with knowledge of the terms of the present.
    • The Company is not responsible towards the visitors or users checking for the nature and extent of personal data that are collected and maintained on the platform of social connection, on which the Company maintains accounts as a term or the result of their use. The visitor or user comes to these sights with his own responsibility.
    • The Internet site may include footnotes or connection with hyperconnection with other net pages, without, however bearing the slightest responsibility for the content and the rights that they could affect.
    • Every visitor or user must comply with the current valid Greek and European Legislation as well as with the certified International agreements which are an indispensable part of the Greek law while he undertakes to use the net in accordance with the Law and the presently valid terms of use which he known and accepts unreservedly.
    • Every visitor or user must abstain from any illegal behavior or undue activity during his visit on the site or the use of the contents of these services. The user is responsible for any damage which might be caused on the internet  from the bad or illegal use of it and the information that is offered through it.
    • Every visitor or user must make legal and suitable use of the internet and must also abstain from any kind of action or omission that could possibly:

3.a Cause damage to someone underage

3.b. To transmit or acquire access to content which: i) violates any rights of third persons (e.g. of mental and industrial ownership) ii) insults the personality of third persons (through defaming or racism), iii) opposes the law and the ethical and communicative customs, iv) interrupts in any way the private life and personal and social rights of third persons.

3c. to mislead anyone concerning the origin of the content of the present internet site, to cause damage , in anyway, of the fame of the owners or third persons, to endanger the safety of the net, to prevent any visitor to have access to the present internet site or any service that is accommodated in the internet of the owners or to overtake the control of his identity by them.

3d. To install and promote, in anyway, any kind of self- imposed or not authorized advertisement or  electronic messages (spam) present terms it does not mean that they resign from thiot required by the recipient, pyramid systems and any other form of undesirable promotion of content as well as establish and promote advertisements without the written consent of the owners.

3e. To install, promote and/or dispose of content which contains logismic virus or any other electronic code, archives or programs designed to intervene in order to destroy or limit the function of any logismic or tele-communications equipment or to prevent other visitors to use the present internet site.

3f. To contain false declaration as to the person of the user or imitation of any other person (individualor  legal)

  • Every visitor or users must respect and follow the ethical behavior on the Internet (NETIQUETTE) contributing as much as possible to the smoother and efficient interaction among the users of our internet site as well as among the users and their operators.
  • In any case of illegal or opposed to the present Terms of use of this Internet site, the visitors are obliged to compensate the owners for any positive and abusive damage. If the beneficiaries do not exercise their rights according to the present terms, this does not mean that they resignfrom their rights.



4.1 The total content of the Internet site, including, indicatively and not limiting, texts, names, commercial signs,  TYPES OF WRITING, graphics, photographs, archives of video or sound and in general, audiovisual material and any kind of files,  are the spiritual ownership of the Company and come under law 2121/1993 as it is valid as well as the rest of the  provisions regarding spiritual ownership  according to the National, European and International  Law, with the exception of the rights of third parties that are specifically recognized.

4.2 The content of the Internet site can be given to the visitor or user for personal use and it can be submitted to changes without relevant notification according to the judgement of the Company.

4.3 It is specifically forbidden , without a preceding written permission of the Company, the total, partial or in summary reproduction, republishing, copying, storing, selling, distributing, edition,  performance, “downloading”,  translation, amendment of the contents  of the site.

4.4 Is allowed only as an exception, the individual copying, printing, storing of the above elements for personal use of the visitor or user provided that on the one hand there will be mentioned the source of the information, the over notes  that concern spiritual and other ownership rights and  on the other hand that they will not be used for any commercial purpose.

4.5 The visitor or the user accepts that whatever is included in the site is consolidates sign or product of spiritual ownership of the entitled party or third one (that have given their permission)  and as a result of it the non-authorised use in any of the ways mentioned above may lead to penalty or fine or to the compensation of the rightful owners.

4.6 For any question  or enlightment regarding the rights of reproduction of any part of the content of the present site as well as for the application for the issuance of permission of reproduction of the content the visitor  or user may directly contact in writing the electronic address post@kretaeiendom.com.



5.1 The protection of personal data regarding the visitor or the users  is covered by the Confidential Police, the Policy of Cookies, the present Terms of Use, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU)2016/679, the law 4624/2019 and, in general, the national, European legislative and regulatory frame for the protection of personal data.

5.2 Every visitor or user may go over the internet site without providing any personal information. However, during the visit on the internet page, it is possible that some data may be stored which give information regarding the way and the time of the visit (for instance, the date of the visit) and they don’t concern the individual itself.  These items are stored with the intention of improving the experience of the travelling over the website.

5.3 Exceptionally, it is mandatory to provide personal data to the Company in case the visitor or user wants to be registered on the site and/or send a message to post@kretaeiendom.com, which are deleted after the termination of the interchanging relation.

5.4 The visitor or user recognizes and declares his clear admittance for the collection, maintenance and processing of the personal data which makes known during the visit or use of the site.

5.5 The Company guarantees that all the information that are declared on the internet are kept exclusively and only for reasons that concern the exchanges with the user, the communication, the improvement of the services given and it is not allowed to be used by third parties or give to third parties (with the exception to the legal authorities only as it is prescribed by the Law).

5.6  Any personal data that are stated on the communication form of the page are kept exclusively and only for reasons of improving the quality of services and answering the questions submitted and it is not allowed to be used by any third person (with the exception of something provided by the law and the relevant authorities.) In any case, the persons working in the company who have access to the personal data of the visitor or the user are specific and the access of persons who have no authorization to their personal data is forbidden.

5.7 The company collects and maintains personal data of visitors or users of its site having adopted the suitable security measures, thus providing the highest possible confidential situation regarding the personal data that give to it by their own will the visitors or users of the site.

5.8 At any time the visitor or user of the site, maintains the right to be informed, to have objections or to entirely delete his data, but he is also entitled to any other rights that is recognized by the valid legislation for the protection of the personal data (GDPR).



6.1 The basic priority of the company is the protection of the personal data of the visitor/user. For this reason it takes all the necessary organizational and technical measures using the most contemporary and advanced methods so that the highest possibly safety is secured and this facilitates the exercise of the rights of the subjects of the data. In order to be analytically informed about your rights, press here.

6.2 All the information that is related to personal data and exchanges is confidential and safe.

6.3 The safety of the internet site is achieved through cryptography, as with the use of technology SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for the protection of the personal data (such as the name, the surname, the address) during the transfer of data to the Internet. This is recognizable from the lock that appears on the searching program in case of an SSL connection.

6.4 The personal data are kept either in digital form or in a natural file of documents which include personal data when this is necessary (tax  data, contracts, initial declarations, backing out etc.), taking into consideration the necessary measures of protection.

6.5 The use of the Internet by minors: Minors under the age of 16 are forbidden to give out their Personal Data through the Internet. In this case, the procedure is short  only if and to the extent that the consent under question is given or approved by the person who has the parental care of the minor.



7.1 The internet site is possible to contain connections with other sites. Those references are provided only to provide service to visitors/users and for giving them additional useful information while their use is not obligatory for the user or visitor.

7.2 The Company bears no  guarantee for the content, the political protection of the personal data, the correctness, the legal status, the completion and the updating as well as the reliability of the information  that the cites include neither do they do that for the servers through which these sites are place at the disposal of the users.



8.1 The present Terms of Use and any amendment of theirs are subject to the European and Greek Law as  well as the international agreements as well as the rest of the international laws. For any disagreement that my come up through the present agreement, the courts of Crete are exclusively qualified to judge.

8.2 If any of the above orders is judged to be in valid or subject to invalidation, this does not in any case affects the validity of the rest of the order, which continue to be valid in any case.

8.3 No amendment of the terms of the present can be considered valid if it is not written and incorporated in it.

8.4 The attachment about cookies policy and privacy policy of the internet site are indispensable part of the present and tie up the visitor or the suer of the Internet entirely.

8.5. The Company reserves the right of any legal right and legal benefit of it that are affected in relation to the present, the terms of the visit and use as well as the right of the mental ownership.









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