Rental Opportunities

If you own a home in Crete, you now have the opportunity to increase your income by renting out your home, whilst it is not in use by you or your family members.

This can be easy and without bureaucratic procedures or special business establishment permits. Kreta Eiendom SA is always here to help you with organizing these and simplifying the process.

We can assist you through the whole renting procedure and provide promotional advice, booking management, payments, key holding, etc. For these services, a commission of the total rent amount is due.

We prepare individually tailored rental management packages according to your requirements. The promotion and marketing of the property is a key factor for your rental. Not only is it advertised through our official company website but also through other worldwide known platforms to ensure the best possible exposure, on the market.

All bookings and reservations for your property come through us, and we give you a detailed list, for your reference, to keep you updated. Furthermore, when your guests arrive at your home we make sure that they have something to make them feel welcome.


Contact information

Kreta Eiendom SA
Arkadiou 1
74131 Rethymno

EOT-license 1041E60000079301

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