Triton Sea View

Triton Sea View

19 houses with modern design, within walking distance from the sandy beach.


Triton Sea View is situated in a location with spectacular views to the sea, the mountains and the green fields of Northern Crete, only 700 meters away from the longest sandy beach on the island. A modern holiday project, which is perfect for all year-round living: the ideal home for everyone.

There are two types of properties, one- or two-storey houses. Each property enjoys a view to the sea, its own private garden and roof terrace, while some properties are equipped with shade-providing pergolas.

The properties feature modern design giving you a feeling of endless summertime. The houses are well insulated to meet the standards of Energy class B, making them perfect for living all year round.

Triton Sea View was named after the ancient Greek Sea God Triton, the messenger of the gods to the seas. Triton was depicted as a Merman (male mermaid) blowing a horn to calm the waves, on his father Poseidon’s orders. Just as Triton calmed the waves, Triton Sea View offers calm and tranquillity to its residents. The sea breeze and view, the mountains and valleys and, above all, the modern design, make up Triton’s horn soothing everyone’s soul at the Triton Sea View.

Triton Sea View offers delightful common areas with breath-taking views of the sea and the mountains, and two inviting swimming pools with children’s section, as well as a seating area with benches among pretty flowers, for a truly relaxing environment.

Tritons’ modern design focused on summer hues creates a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for relaxation. The unique spacious grassy area offers an atmosphere of freshness and calm and is maintained by an automated watering system. You can host special events and function on the green and luscious lawn.

A handsome BBQ area with traditional oven, situated next to a shaded eating area, provides the perfect setting for dining al fresco while enjoying the mesmerizing views of the Cretan seascape.


EOT is the Greek National Tourism Organization and its license is required in order to rent out your property. Most importantly, this provides the opportunity to earn a very satisfactory income from your property. Triton Sea View is designed to be the ideal home for everyone. Whether you seek elegance, peace and serenity or just a cosy holiday home, Triton Sea View is the place you want to be.

Location and Area

Triton Sea View is located near the seafront village of Kavros, a charming picturesque holiday resort, providing all the amenities you may need. It’s almost centrally located in Crete, making it easy for you to visit all the sights the island has to offer. In Kavros you can find all the facilities you may need, such as supermarkets, tavernas, car rental, bars, and much more, all within walking distance.

Furthermore, the longest sandy beach in Crete lies right at your feet, offering endless opportunities for fun or relaxation. Lying only 3.5 km away from the seafront of Kavros is Crete’s only freshwater lake; the famous Lake Kournas, a magnificent natural lake with lush green surroundings, which is said to be bottomless, according to local legend. Here you can enjoy a traditional meal in one of many waterside tavernas, and take advantage of the water sports available, such as the popular pedal boats, enjoying the crystal-clear waters of the lake. The famous beach resort of Georgioupolis is located about 3 km from Kavros Sea Front View.

Once a fishing village, Georgiopolis has now become a busy resort of outstanding natural beauty. There, you can find the river of Almyros, connected to the sea through a beautiful small port. In Georgioupolis, and the surrounding area, you can find a variety of restaurants, beach bars, supermarkets, and everything else you might need.

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