Technical Specification

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The 3D images of the project are an illustration, there may be some difference between illustration and delivery. Furniture is not included in the price.

Area Indicators

The villa apartments sqm stated in the prospectus, are stated as (BTA), BTA is the sqm, including the walls, and the same sqm are stated in the deeds.

The parties have no claim against each other if the areas were to be 3% smaller or larger than those marketed on the prospect.


All bathrooms have tiles, on the floor and on the walls, up to the ceiling. In the bathrooms; three different tile packages, with corresponding bathroom furniture with a mirror, have been selected, in advance.

The bathroom will have a shower corner with a glass wall and an integrated shower on the wall and sanitary ware. The bathrooms have electric underfloor heating.

Common Area

The common area around the pool will be covered with granite tiles, walkways with lighting, plants and cultivated green areas, according to the drawings.

The outside parking areas will have an concrete surface. The elevator from the underground parking will go to levels 3,4,5 and 6.


Every apartment will have central air-conditioning/ heating, which consists of the outdoor and the indoor unit.

For the indoor unit, there will be a separate thermostat and it will provide heat and cool. The current system will work with remote control.

Electrical installations

All the apartments will be ready to be connected to the Hellenic Public Electricity Corporation network.

Electric supply meter of each apartment will be installed according to the instructions of the Public Electricity Corporation.

A fuse box with automatic fuses and separate fuses for the oven, water heater, pool, and floor heating.

All internal spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living rooms will have ceiling spotlights, with a dimmer button.

The spots in all rooms will be integrated into the plasterboard that will be partly covering the ceiling. On every balcony and roof terrace, there will be lights and at least one waterproof electrical socket, installed.

On every kitchen bench, there will be an electrical system of 2 sockets installed, which will expand by pushing a button.

Each apartment will have a doorbell, and telephone sockets for Internet TV in the master bedroom and living room.

All the electric materials (eg switches, sockets, etc.) are in white color.

Energy Class

All the apartments will be energy class B+, in accordance with the Greek regulations of the energy performance of buildings (KENAK).


The parapet walls will be made from concrete blocks and the glass fence will consist of an aluminum base with a glass panel. The length of the fences and parapet walls will be erected according to the architectural drawings.

Fitness room

In the underground under the common garden, there will be a common fitness room with equipment such as: Treadmill, Spinning bike, Multistation, Dumbells and Adjustable bench.


Internal floors will have big granite tiles of high quality and modern design 60x120cm. We have chosen two options, one glossy and one mat, according to the chosen style in the kitchen and bathroom.


All the garage floors will be industrial floors and the car parking spaces will be marked for each apartment. The rest of the surfaces, such as walls, columns, and ceilings, will just be painted, in plastic paint, for internal use.


The guarantee for the structural elements of the building is in accordance with Greek law. The guarantee for the decorative materials and non-structural elements is a minimum of one year.


The sides of the Jacuzzi will be covered with plastered concrete blocks and there will be a little door for the pump – system.


The kitchens will be made from high-quality materials, where you can choose from several different kitchen fronts, in different colors such as wood, white and grey, with associated countertops in corian.

All electrical appliances will be integrated, Siemens or equal to it.

The 3 top levels, will be of the Miele brand name.


All the internal walls and ceilings will be painted with acrylic paint, off-white color as a standard, but you can add your touch to your apartment by choosing one of our free wall colors. All products are carefully selected in order to harmonize with each other and create a great framework for other interiors. All the exterior painting will be according to the valid facades of the development approved by the architectural committee of Crete.

Patio and terrace

On all the outside patios and terraces there will be granite tiles 60×120 cm, specifically for outdoor use.


All the pergolas will be made from Aluminium, with bioclimatic and modern design. The size will be according to the approved architectural plans. The pergolas will be 100% waterproof and they will have integrated water drainage inside the columns, the level of the shade opening can be set by remote control.

Private gardens

The private gardens will be landscaped with an automatic watering system, according to our landscape architect. The maintenance of the garden is not included in the common expenses.

Sewage system

All the apartments will be connected to the main sewage network system of Kalyves village.

Storage room

Each villa-apartment will have its own storage room which, for levels 1 and 2, will be located under the common garden and for the villa-apartments in levels 3,4,5 and 6, in the underground garage of the development.

Swimming pool

The common heated swimming pool of 90 sqm will be made from reinforced concrete. As a structure, it will consist of an underground machinery room for the sand filter, the pump and the installation for the massage water curtains.

In the pool, there will be led waterproof lights, tiles, and an anti-slip perimeter marble installed, for safety reasons. Close to the pool, there will be two shower units.

The pool has separate fuses and the cost for a heated pool is not included in the common expenses, so it will be divided amongst all owners.


In every apartment, there will be an air ventilation valve with a protective net outside and an adjustable lid on the interior side, installed. The bathrooms which don’t have a window will have electrical ventilation.

Walls / Insulation

All the exterior walls, columns and beams will have a built-in External Thermal Insulation Composite System, made from 6 different materials, with the final surface painted with acrylic paint.

People, with the appropriate knowledge and skills, will install this built-in system. The concrete floors and ceilings will be covered with expanded polystyrene, for thermal insulation.


In each bedroom and some halls, there will be wardrobe cabinets, according to the drawings, where you can choose from several different finishes, in different colors.

Mechanical installations & Water network

All the apartments will be ready to be connected to the municipal water network. There will be an exterior water supply installed on every patio, terrace, and accessible roof terrace. If the installation of a water pressure pump is required, then the owners will cover its cost and installation. The hot water supply in the showers, bath, bathroom washbasin and the kitchen sink will be provided by a solar panel heater. In the development, there will be a water tank constructed, which will supply all the apartments and it will provide satisfying water pressure.

Windows and doorframes

Exterior doors and windows in all bedrooms will have remote controlled external electric shutters. The main entrance door of each apartment will be made from aluminium with a security lock. Internal doors will be made from pressed wood and they will have locks and aluminium handles in either wood or white color.

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