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As of signing the sales agreement and crediting the deposit, the property is taken off the market and is dedicated hereinafter to the buyer. The developer makes the following reservations for the implementation of the project:

There are general reservations about the authorities’ processing time, including any procedural steps that have to interfere with the progress and delivery agreements. Upon takeover, it must be expected that minor external or internal work remains to be done on the property’s common areas. The developer reserves the right to make changes in outdoor areas in relation to what is presented to the buyer. The villa-apartments will be delivered clean from the construction process. All illustrations, 3D perspectives, sketches, furnished floor plans, etc. are only intended to form an impression of the finished building, and can thus not be regarded as the final delivery. Shown equipment/fixtures are not included, such as lamps, and therefore elements in the presentation materials will not be included in the delivery. General descriptions of the project, in the sales and marketing materials, will not suit all homes.

The outdoor plan, as presented in the sales promotional material, is of such a nature that it cannot be considered a map, but an illustration sketch by the architect. The outdoor plan has been prepared to illustrate the site’s planned layout, but is not binding and can be changed in connection with the detailed design.

Construction start means the date when the construction work of the building stage is actually initiated. Assumed completion / moving in will be in the end of 2022 and the startup of the project was June 2021. The final takeover date is notified to the buyer by e-mail or registered post approx. 4 weeks before the takeover.

It is also clear that :
At the beginning of the construction phase, the acquisition date may change accordingly. The developer may demand that the takeover takes place up to 4 months earlier or later than the month the developer announced as the last deadline. The developer is entitled to an additional deadline for takeover if the buyer requires changes or additional work that affect the construction time, or as in the conditions mentioned.

There may be varying completion of the different properties. It should be noted that after the settlement and takeover date, construction work can still take place on the property, including work on the completion of the homes, common areas, technical installations, and outdoor work. The buyer accepts that there will be noise from construction work, the need for construction traffic and construction installations to complete the project.

Upon purchase, each buyer will receive documentation showing the materials, products and color schemes that have been used in the apartment. Alternatively, this can be provided to the maintenance company for the improvement of the maintenance operations.

All payments are made in Euros.

Expenses for the buyer regarding registration and deeds for each house are included in the price list. Expenses included: notary, registration fee, property tax, and stamps. The lawyer’s fee for the legal representation of the buyer is a matter of negotiation. The estimate is that this will be 1,5% of the total invested amount not including VAT. Furniture is not included in the price.

After signing the sales contract, an advance payment of 10% of the price shall be paid within a 14-day deadline. If the payment is delayed by more than 14 days for the amount due at the conclusion of the contract and, if there is a significant delay ( more than 21 days) for other agreed payments during construction, the seller has the right to cancel the purchase and have a resale of the home.

In the latter case, the seller has the right to withhold a percentage equal to 5% of the total investment cost as fair and reasonable compensation for the breach of the agreement. Additional compensation may be requested in the case where additional technical features have been placed/included in the property, after the request of the buyer.

Then :

1) 25% of the value at the start up of the development. (Excavation on the plot), at this point, an official preliminary deed will be given to the buyer as a guarantee as well as the possibility for the buyer to register, at his burden and cost, any proper measure on the deposited amount.

2)35% of the value when concrete work of the property is completed.

3)25% of the value when plastering of the property is completed.

4) 5% of the value the day the property is completed and delivered to the buyer.

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