– in the center of Kalyves
AmphiMatrion will be constructed, on historic ground, in the center of Kalyves. As we proceed, more and more, into time, we become more evolved and technologically advanced. It is then that we need to be more connected to the origins of our being, to the source of our inner power, which is no other than the great civilizations of the past.

One of those civilizations, an actual maritime empire, was the Minoan one, which reached its peak between 2000-1370 B.C. The palaces of the Minoans were designed in the most efficient way, taking advantage of the sun, the winds, the elements of nature and were used as the residence, as well as the treasury, of the ruler, located in areas with spectacular views, at the same time.

Amphimatrion is the ancient name of the area that is today called Kalyves. AmphiMatrion was designed amphi-theatrically alongside the natural slope on which it is located , like an ancient amphitheatre. Theentire Development is designed as a complex of state-of-the-art houses, with a big number of technological amenities.

We chose to name the houses after the mythological King Of Crete, Minos and his family, hopefully this give the inspiration for Amphi Matrion project to create a new family in modern time.

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The Project

Amphi Matrion is a new exclusive, Modern – clean line, elegant and high standard project, that will be a turning point in the new standards of excellence, in both first and second property residential Markets. It consists of 12 Luxury apartments that offer underground garages, an elevator, a fitness room and storerooms. Furthermore, the project also has a common heated swimming pool and some apartments have an additional private pool.

All the apartments have sea views and large terraces, specially designed for a very intimate and private atmosphere… The inside flows through to the outside, becoming one continuous area, through the large windows, which lead to relaxing lounging areas where you can enjoy the sun all year round.

Sitting room

A sense of history and a piece of the future

AmphiMatrion invites you to participate in a different life style where you can enjoy large spacious sitting rooms with panoramic sea views of the Mediterranean sea and the endless blue sky.


Wake up in your own paradise

The privilege of waking up every morning with a sea view, enjoying tranquility and relaxation, feeling the soft Mediterranean breeze, will mesmerize you. The bedrooms in AmphiMatrion are designed for optimal relaxation and comfort.


Design, comfort & functionality

The kitchens in Amphi Matrion are fully fitted. Designed to maximise functionality and comfort, while you prepare your favourite meals. The time spent in the kitchen must be simple, comfortable and aesthetical, and that is how we have, painstakingly, designed it for you.


Elegance and relaxation

The bathrooms follow, in the same line of modern, functional elegance as the rest of the project. The combination of floor and wall tiles, in light tones and with modern fittings, provides a sense of space and light.

Terraces with private pools

Look at the sea with Privilege

We have given great attention to the areas of the terraces and private roof gardens with grass, thinking of everyone, children, adults, and their leisure, 365 days a year. Furthermore, they have been designed as a prolongation of the sitting room and are sure to be a favourite area for dinners with family or friends, quiet breakfasts, enjoying the sea views or simply, just to relax and enjoy the leisure life near the sea.



Due to the different levels on the land, the building is tiered to get fantastic terraces and wonderful sea views. The details of having private pools on the 2 penthouse and in the the backyard of the apartment Fedra marks the difference with Amphi Matrion.


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