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 Building your own private   The choice of the plot is the most essential   Once you have decided upon your house with   The Kreta Eiendom construction team will

 villa in Crete is easier than you   part of the building project. We offer you   the architect, Kreta Eiendom  will prepare   build your villa and deliver it on time, within
 might think. We provide “key   a very wide and varied range of building   the construction contract, with a fixed price   budget, with superior quality finishes,
 in the door” villas, whether   plots based on your wishes, location, view,   for your final house. We will handle all legal   that we guarantee, you will be proud of.

 you want to build a house for   facilities in the area, and your overall budget.   requirements relating to the completion of   Our standard delivery time for a private
 your  own  personal  use  or  as   The technical team, will ensure the plot has   the house. The written agreement will specify   villa is approximately 12 months from the
 an investment, with maximum   meets the building requirements, in terms of   the technical description and use of materials,   day the building permit is granted. During
 return. We set your needs and   rights and capabilities. The legal team, will   what is included in the price, the completion   the construction process, we will keep
 principles at the forefront.   prepare the legal terms of the purchasing   date, agreed staged payments, etc. Usually,   you informed about the progress of the

 The Kreta Eiendom team will   process and draft ownership deeds, starting   the prices given for the construction  are   work through photographs and progress
 assist you throughout the   from the legal checks of the plot to the   for the building, patio and swimming pool,   reports every second week.
 building project, from the   completion, with a purchase contract. Once   including VAT and IKA. Works on the area

 acquisition of the plot, the   you have decided on the plot, our architect   surrounding the house, such as landscaping,   INTERIOR DESIGN
 design and development, to   will start designing your house based on   gardens and roads,  Your house in Crete is not complete
 the construction and delivery   your wishes, needs and specifications. Take   are not included in the price.  without the perfect interior. We can take
 of the house.  look at some of our plots for sale here.        care of it for you. We can custom make

          TERMS OF PAYMENT                                      completely your home, with furniture and
 DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT  The payment of the construction cost will be   decorations, based on your personal style,

 Depending on the plot, you will meet our   made in the following way:   needs and budget
 architect who may offer many pre-designed   1. 25% of the total cost of construction
 houses with detailed plans. You can choose   upon  the  commencement of construction,
 from those or you can have your dream   (START UP of the construction) i.e. when the
 house designed according to your own   excavations for the foundations of the villa

 specifications. The architect will start   start.
 working on your villa and will present it with   2. 20% of the total cost of construction upon
 detailed layouts and realistic 3D photos. At   completion of the concrete frame, walls and

 this stage, we charge a deposit of €3000 for   the plastering of the villa.
 the architectural plans and 3Ds. This amount   4.25% of the total cost of construction upon
 will be deducted from the final construction   completion of the floors and tiling of the
 offer.   villa.
          5.25% of the total cost of construction upon

 BUILDING PERMIT AND LICENSES  completion of the doors and windows of the
 The cost for the building permit of a villa is   villa.
 between €13-17000 including the swimming   6.5% of the total cost of construction when

 pool. The timeframe for the license issuance   the villa  is  completed  and ready  to be
 is approximately 3 months.  delivered.

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